Nisarg Seva Samiti


A Mission with a Vision

As the nature is increasingly facing the crisis due to manifold adversary factors, the exigency of protecting, preserving and promoting its balance and harmony has become all the more an imperative today. The alarming rate of cutting down the trees and the consequential increase in environmental pollution necessitates expediting the remedial process for the sake of a promising future for humanity. Global warming which is indeed a detrimental consequence of the negligence and over exploitation of nature demands adequate restorative steps so that the lost paradise is regained and made conducive for the survival and subsistence of the future generations.

Creating awareness among the public about the noble but vital demand of the hour of promoting a healthy environment by planting, preserving and protecting the trees and bringing changes in the attitudes of the society towards this estimable endeavour remain as the abiding vision of the Nisarg Sewa Samiti.

The Path behind Nisarg Sewa Samiti

Concrete jungles are fast replacing the luxuriant and salubrious surrounding of green vegetation and benevolent trees. The Nisarg Sewa Samiti was founded in 1995 with the distinct and explicit view of creating remarking change in the attitude of the people towards mother nature. Nature is not an object meant for exploitation but a milieu to be approached with reverence and esteem. This sublime insight is translated into reality by inspiring everyone to plants the trees whenever and wherever possible, without any exception and alternative. The genuine and transparent venture of Mr. M. W. Belkhode was received by well-meaning  people with positive and supportive response. Both governmental and private organizations and agencies and the responsible citizens came forward to shoulder this great task of creating awareness and making it effective through concrete action.

Objectives of the Organization

The distinguishing character of Nisarg Sewa Samiti is evident from its clear and distinctive objectives:

  1. Creating awareness regarding the need for protecting the eco-system;
  2. Campaign among children and youth to carry forward the programme;
  3. Concrete steps for planting, preserving and protecting the plants;
  4. Encouraging everyone to collaborate in this noble cause in innovative ways;
  5. Enlist and ensure the whole hearted support of all citizens for this great task;
  6. Promoting the development of nurseries.

A Multifaceted Project

Nisarg Sewa Samiti endeavours to realize their dream through a number of innovative and fascinating steps:

  1. Ek Ghar – Ek Vruksha (One Family – One Tree) : Construction of a new house necessitates the utilization of a substantial amount of wood. The indebtedness to nature for its invaluable gift of trees can repaid only through planting new trees. Entering into a new house is the most auspicious and conducive occasion of repaying the nature for its great sacrifice by planting new trees in the surroundings of the house.
  2. Whad Diwas Vruksh (Birthday Tree)

Human being is born into the bosom of nature and one’s continued existence and well being  can be ensured only with the blessings of nature. Nature cares for the one who cares for nature. The most auspicious time to express ones gratitude to nature is none other than the birthday. Hence Nisarg Sewa Samiti appeals all to plant a tree on each ones birthday which will make the world as conducive for ones path of life.

  1. Smruti Vruksh (A Tree to Remember)

Memorials are many which are built for the beloved ones; but a tree always remains a living memorial through which a person remains in the loving memory of the coming generations. Planting a tree in memory of a beloved one can be the best means to express ones love and appreciation of a beloved person.

  1. Dehadan Vruksh (Farewell Tree)

By death, a human being is merging with nature and is getting assimilated back to it. The process of integration with the earth often involves the use of wood. Our existence at this crucial moment can attain its real fulfillment only by repaying to nature what one has generously received from it. As a selfless offering, a person can offer one’s body after death for the benefit of others and others can, in turn plant a tree for preserving the sweet memory of the beloved ones.

  1. Vivah-Vruksh (Wedding Tree)

Marriage, the symbol and sacrament of the union of two persons is best celebrated by planting a tree whereby the person gets simultaneously united with nature and rooted in it. The innovative proposal of the Nisarg Sewa Samiti to celebrate the anniversaries of marriage by making the nature more flourishing and fruitful is a novel attempt to inculcate in the minds of the people the respect and love for nature.


Innovative Steps

Varied are ways through which Nisarg Sewa Samiti is empowering the citizens to responsible in preserving the pristine character of eco system.

  1. Nature Club Scheme

Through the nature club project, the Samiti implant and impart to the future generations the dignity and greatness of being at the service of nature by collaborating to regain and preserve the immaculate nature of the cosmos. Through the ‘one child, one plant” scheme, the Samiti sent a clear signal to the students that their future depends on defending the sanity and sanctity of nature.


The Samiti has been greatly successful in inculcating in the young minds the pertinent ideas of “Save forest”, “Save Tree”, “Save Water” and “Stop Pollution and Protect nature”. With the collaboration of various student organizations, both at the school level and college level, through the NSS Units, the Samiti was able to spread these noble ideas to various parts of the Wardha town and the villages surrounding Wardha. The Samiti has also been instrumental in persuading the Nagar Parishad, Wardha, that it sanctions building map only after ensuring that a considerable number of plants are present in the new premises.


Taking inspiration from the initiatives of the Samiti, numerous educational institutions, cooperative societies, private firms, banks and voluntary organizations have come forward to collaborate and contribute to the multi-faceted projects intended for the well being of the environment. The unique initiative of the Samiti to conduct drawing competitions based on the theme “Nature” has not only motivated the children, but also their parents by encouraging the children to participate in the competition, and along with that carrying these ideals in their own day to day life.


The construction of the percolation tanks on the hilly barren land near ITI Mahda colony near Wardha has been greatly successful in raing the water level of these areas. It is noteworthy that the trenches for these water harvesting schemes were dug by the students belonging to various eco-clubs and Rover Scout Units.


Widening the Horizons of Awareness

The noble venture of preserving and protecting the mother earth started with the initiative of a few has now spread far and wide. The noble ideals of the Samiti have been appreciated and appropriated by great many nature lovers in and around Wardha town and are coming forward for supporting the movement with greater participation. The Samiti has been successful in conducting fruitfully various awareness camps and motivating programmes that today it has become a people’s programme. One of the unique and effective initiatives of the Samit for creating awareness has been conducting street plays highlighting the various relevant themes related to eco-system and the ways of preserving a balanced, healthy and harmonious environment.


A People’s Movement

The seed which was sown by a few people for the well being of humanity and welfare of the future generations has become today a movement of the common man who on his own carry forward these projects widening its scope and frontiers. The systematic and disciplined programmes conducted by the Samiti for the public has started yielding the fruits today. Appropriate occasions are used by the Samiti to conduct befitting programmes related to  eco-system and its protection, so that it becomes an enduring concern of the everyday life of all the people. The Samiti undertakes a crusade and adopt any platform to organize suitable and attractive activities with the goal of creating awareness in the minds of the people especially on occasions like: February 2: World Wetland Day; March 21: World Forest Day; March 22: World Water Day; April 22: World Vasundhara Day; June 5: World Environment Day, July 15 – August 15: Van Mahotsav Month, July 11: World Population Day, October 2-October 8: World Wildlife Week. All these initiatives of the Samiti have been well appreciated by the people and has started yielding fruits, guaranteeing a sound future for the generations.


Special Initiatives of the Samiti

  1. Colourful Iron Tree Guards: The launching of the novel and attractive scheme of installing the colourful iron tree guards on which the name of the donors were inscribed was meant for creating and ensuring the support of the people for the Samiti. This endeavour, while guaranteeing the attachment of the people to the tree that they are sponsoring strengthens their affiliation to the movement.
  2. Protection of the Tree Guards: The attractive tree guards have often faced the menace of being stolen and sold to the scrap dealers. A noteworthy achievement of the Samiti has been the efforts made by it to preserve the tree guards from being stolen for monetary purposes. In the presence of the police department, the Samiti was able to obtain the assurance from the scrap dealers, that they will never purchase the iron tree guards stolen by the people and the matter will be reported to the concerned departments. This effort has yielded a hundred percent result in the years that followed.


Results and Awards

The greatest achievement of the efforts of the Samiti has been the success of their awareness generation programme which received a thumping response from the people around. With the provision of installment system to pay for the tree guards, people have started to make use of this facility to bring up plants in the surroundings of their home and work place converting Wardha to a green zone gradually.


The landscape which was once stamped as barren and useless has been transformed into a green hillock with around 1000 trees providing a wonderful covering to the area. The adventurous step taken by the Samiti to convince the concerned Government departments has started paying  their dividends by turning the waste land into a scenic beauty and an oasis where people can breathe fresh air and refresh their mind.


With the collaboration and involement of the public, the Samiti has successfully planted 100000 trees in and around Wardha. As a fitting acknowledgement of this great contribution to humanity, the Ministry of Forest and Environment has honoured the Samiti with the Indira Priyadarshini Vruksha Mitra Award-2007 and the Maharashtra Government with the Vanashree-2003 Award and with many other prestigious awards.


Nisarg Sewa Samiti: With You and For You


Nisarg Sewa Samit is always with you and for your service. Our services are available at your doorsteps. With the “Just Dial for Tree” scheme, the Samiti will be at your disposal with all the services for plantation like selecting and planting your favourite plant, providing and installing iron tree guards with your name painted on them and lending all the requisites for the maintenance and protection of saplings. With the blessings and support of the dignified citizens of Wardha, Nisarg Sewa Samiti move forward planting new trees, implanting the noble ideals of environmental wellbeing and beckoning all to realize the dream of a ‘Green Wardha’.

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